Friday, March 9, 2007

The geek


As I look back at my collection of photos over the past few years, I realised that I have taken very few pictures of people, in general, and portraits in particular. I think I am more of a nature photographer than an human interest photographer. The reason for that is not because I do not find people interesting but perhaps because I havn't really sought out to photograph them. I hope to make amends in the near future.
The above picture is that of a dear old friend whom I met in IIT Kanpur and who was part of the fullee faltoo gang of our wing that also included Nikhil, GY, Sandey and me. Adi is the definitive computer addict, the one who was always glued to his screen. He was the one who introduced me to the world of Diablo 2 and other RPGs and the one with whom I played one-on-ones in the unreal world of UT. When I took this picture, he had just turned around because I asked him to and after the picture was taken, he, without any trace of emotion, turned his head back to the screen. With a beard that was almost six months old and a room that was not cleaned for just as long, this portrait of his best describes him. I took this picture with my (actually, my dad's) practikar which is over fifteen years old and still one of the best cameras that I have ever used. This picture is perhaps also my best portrait.

Location: A-Bot, Hall 1, IIT Kanpur

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