Saturday, September 27, 2008

Canon Vs Nikon

When I was buying my DSLR, a big step for me, I was torn between Nikon and Canon. Canon was by far the market leader and also, ahead of Nikon in terms of technology. Nikon has a long history of making great SLRs and one of close friends had bought an Nikon DSLR. Besides, I was more of an amateur than I am now, though still an amateur. I had to make an informed decision. I had to think about what I will do with the camera.

At that time, I never thought I would be buying any more lenses than what came with the camera. I tried Canon and Nikon, and I liked the intuitiveness of the Nikon camera. In the end, it was a simple decision for me. Technology wise, I guess Canon has been a step ahead but I was sure that Nikon will catch up and overtake Canon as it had made a lot of progress in a very short time.

Even though it took five years after Canon's 5D for Nikon to come up with its first full frame camera, I was never shaken with doubt about my choice. The lenses I get for Nikon are comparable to Canon's and the results from the camera are similar. Besides, it is the person behind the camera who matters and not the camera itself, right?

After seeing this, for the first time I am wondering whether I should have gone Canon...

The EOS 5D mark II seems to be an absolutely stunning camera. The reviews and the pre-release shots are unprecedented and I have a feeling that Canon has dealt a body blow to Nikon here. Or perhaps, I speak too soon. Only time will tell.

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